Group Project


The topic we are representing is future anxiety linked to environmental issues and global warming. The game is looking at environmental concerns and how they were perceived during these different time periods, linking real man-made events that happened in each chosen era to the environment.

As our main character is a tree-human, the visible narrative ties into the environmental aspects of these times, with the underlying meaning being of future anxiety. Our main objective is to provide players with the experience of going through different climate change occurrences throughout the past forty years, and show possible futures: the inevitable event of the Earth heading towards a fast extinction due to humans, or the Earth slowly being repaired by humans, which benefits the other beings living amongst us.

This is an exploration game that takes the player through three stages, representing the global environmental problems of the 80s, 2000s, and 2020s: acid rain, oil companies, and the pandemic. The player is presented as a tree humanoid travelling through these three periods trying to avoid obstacles, and eventually, reach the final destination realizing it is all a dream. The game uses a dream format as an environment the player has to explore. Stylistically, this will be done in three different styles to represent games of these eras and will be playable in a custom arcade console (a PC with an arcade shell).
Concept Art & Characters Design