Individual Collabortion with ‘Transforming Voices’

Transforming Voices is part of an on-going research project exploring issues of women’s organisational vulnerability in the border between Mexico and the United States through collaborative experimental filmmaking. As part of the project, we have conducted interviews with participants and produced short soundscapes (2-5min long) using the interviewees’ accounts as well as original music and sound effects. Soundscapes are being shared with filmmakers from over the world to transform into films. The films will be disseminated in different formats, including festivals, installations, and on-line exhibitions.
The Rules:
  • You must use the provided audio file as your film’s only soundtrack.

  • You cannot add any other sounds.

  • You cannot edit/modify the provided audio file.

  • Your film cannot be longer than the audio file (excluding titles and credits).

  • It is up to you to read the transcript/translation or not.

The film I created is called Kaleidoscope, and it has three parts that revolve around the idea of a kaleidoscope. I read the translation of the audio before creating my work, and I found it really relatable, especially when I thought about my relationship with my mother. From the text, I was inspired to use archive footage. For the first part of the film, I used TV advertisement footage from the mid-20th century for household items like washing machines. The ads were targeting women, or housewives specifically. For the second part of the film, I edited some archived black and white footages to be tinted. Then, the images break into a 3D animation traveling through a hole, which I consider to be questioning the old traditions and the differences between generations.

In the context of my film, the kaleidoscope could be seen as a metaphor for the complexity and constant change of relationships, both personal and societal. The kaleidoscope can represent the many facets of human connections and the different perspectives that shape them over time. By using this symbol as a central theme, I was able to explore the different perspectives and experiences that shape these relationships, creating a visually striking and thought-provoking piece of work.