Reintergrations of Prisoners into Society

Group Collaboration with Catch22

This project strives to create a digital interface that helps prevent people on probation (PoP) from reoffending and breaking their licence conditions to avoid the cancellation of their probation and being recalled into prison. We collaborated with Catch22 for their ACE project.

Catch22 is a not for profit company designing and delivering services that build resilience and aspiration in people of all ages and within communities across the UK. Achieving Compliance and Engagement (ACE) is a pilot project funded by Catch22 as part of a cross-government project to improve outcomes for prison leavers focusing on the London region. The ACE programme looks at interventions designed to lower breaches of licence conditions and recalls.

We created an Instagram strategy for the ACE programme along with an animation that includes the ACE programme's introduction and four other main areas of information lacking for people on probation.

We also created an AR ambassador telling stories from people on probation and a pamphlet containing information about housing, legal help, and employment. We will have three stories about the three main issues PoP face, which refers to the three areas accordingly. Corresponding to the ACE team, most people on probation were not successful during their time in school. Because of this, we wish to put fewer words but still include valuable information on the pamphlet, and the ambassador/mascot will tell the stories.