A Song for My Grandma

Invididual Project

This animation music video project was created for my undergraduate graduation program as a tribute to my grandmother. The song, 'A Song for My Grandma', was composed by my cousin and serves as the heart of the project. The animation features a shifting mix of colors and black-and-white imagery that reflects the changes in the music. I employed a combination of rotoscoping and hand-drawn animation techniques to bring the story to life. Throughout the video, memories of the girl’s grandmother blend with the present and reality. This project is a testament to my love for my grandmother and the enduring bonds that connect family across time and distance.

Old family footages appear in dream sequences, highlighting the girl's childhood with her grandmother. The kite is a key element of the film, symbolising the connection between the girl and her grandmother. While making and flying kites represents the girl's childhood memories, in the black and white animation, elements from the previous colourful animation appear everywhere. The girl wants to go back in time but cannot, knowing that she cannot be with her grandmother forever. Just like the string that connects the kite, which may break, the girl realises that her physical connection with her grandmother may be severed, but their mental connection will never break.